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Get the breakthroughs that you need to live your highest potential! Experience life in a whole new way by re-connecting to your body, re-aligning with your soul, claiming the power of your voice, your sovereignty and your sacred sensuality.  Experience your own Divine Connection to Source, your inner voice and discover your natural divine feminine beauty and bliss. Are you ready to re-claim your inner Queen?  Then click below…



1:1 VIP Embodied Woman Retreat

Join me in a location of your choice for a transformational One on One Personalised Embodied Woman Retreat. These customized retreats provide the perfect set of experiences to help clear the past and move forward, empower yourself, and help you to feel connected, clear, and whole. I connect ancient traditions, shamanic healing techniques, and my coaching and practical tools to help navigate our modern world.


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Working with Tamar is amazing! Her guidance, direction and the way she allows you to feel into your body is brillant ♡♡♡ Thank you so much Tamar for your beautiful insights and teachings!! ♡♡♡   –Jennifer Cross

Tamar has helped me embrace my sensuality and love parts of myself that have long been neglected or even despised.  Tamar is beautiful from the inside out! It’s been amazing getting to know her through her posts and through working with her in private sessions. — Emily Rose Gwaltney

Tamar allowed me to be at ease and open up to share my deepest fears and aspirations.  Tamar’s fully attentive and supportive approach during our moon healing session allowed me to be ease and open up to share my deepest fears and aspirations. Beyond having the ability to create a safe space for healing and empowerment, she is prepared and professional.   — Marie Holm

Wwooww I’m blown away.  Dear I had a read over of everything. Wwooww I’m blown away. Tamar, all I want to say in a nutshell is God, Source, Spirit, Universe Bless You. I will need about 3 weeks to get back to you on this because I will take my time to do every step. Thank You for sharing your story and Thank You for this feedback for I resonate with everything… This is the reason I reach out to you. You are gifted more than you think. I will be in touch by end of January as I slowly begin these rituals.   — Anonymous

Tamar, I want to say A Big Thank You for providing such detailed step by step information in severing ties with ‘takers’ in my life. Tamar helped me clarified a dream with recommendations to move forward in my life. I did the recommendations and I am empowered to say good bye to them in gentle loving ways. As an Empath, this is a piece I’ve been struggling for several years with family, friends and love relationships. I liked your tone in our correspondence without speaking on the phone, professionalism, eager to help me and nice gentle detailed messages. Tamar, I’m very grateful for the recommendations. I appreciate this!    –Anonymous

I am feeling so grateful! I think I let go of a lot of stuff I was carrying in my heart and on my shoulders. Earlier today I was feeling a lot of emotions coming up and I knew it was time to clear my heart of some old stuff around my biological father. Tamar’s chakra balancing helped clear out much during her session. A little while later , as I was driving to an appointment, I became very aware of how light the tops of my shoulders were feeling and as I moved my arms around a bit, there was so much space and freedom in my shoulders , it felt like someone else’s body. Usually I tend to hold tension in my neck and shoulders and lately it’s been so intense that I’ve been getting a lot of headaches etc. My neck feels so much more spacious as well. Feeling so grateful! –Nancy Anger

You have got gifts that the world needs. Tamar, thank you, for the great call earlier! You have got gifts that the world needs. I’m excited to see the transformations that come about within myself from the different techniques you provided me with. Thank you, again, so much 💜💜💜 –Nicole Johnson