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What are you craving?

Deeper intimacy, better love, extraordinary relationships, epic sex?  Then I have something for you. What you are craving starts here, with awakening to your own inner truth. Let me explain why… 

I can attest, through my own experience, that Feminine Embodiment guides you to finding your inner fire, your own autonomy, personal power and strength while at the same time finding your own intimate connection to Spirit. It is about finding your own divine beauty and bliss which arises when you are able to recognize that every breath, every thought, every pore of your body is an expression of the divine. Connecting with our bodies and emotions and owning our sensuality is a part of owning our power as women. Accepting all of ourselves without shame is honoring of our truth. It is fully embodying yourself as a sovereign, autonomous woman. It is an integration and it is a process. What I offer are tools for any woman ready to awaken to all that she is and when she awakens to this truth everything else in life falls into place. More aligned work, doing better in business, extraordinary love, sex and relationships… it all starts with owning and loving all that we are, first. It begins here and all else will follow like bees to honey.

My mission is to support you in being true to yourself, reconnecting the fragmented pieces and aspects of yourself so that you can find and use your own inner power and voice.  It is time to break down the old systems that you have been taught to live by. I am here to guide you to align with your personal truth and nature instead of succumbing to others views of how you should be – trying to fit inside of the box in order to be accepted – you instead, stand in your power loving all that you are, accessing a new way of being in the world.

This is an opportunity to awaken and integrate the gifts and powers that you already embody. It is a process of unraveling the beauty and wisdom already within you. Of melting away all that you are not, all that you have been ‘taught’ to be. If you are ready to awaken and unlock these deep feminine gifts within yourself then let’s schedule a 15 minute complimentary call to see how we can work together to get you to living a life aligned with your highest potential.


Hi, I’m Tamar, here is a little about my background:

I run online and in person coaching programs, international workshops and retreats, and online programs. You will also find me at Tamar Gail TV on my Youtube Channel, as well as doing interviews, speaking engagements, and blogging. In my free time I love traveling, dancing, painting, playing music, great food and wine, anthropology, all things nature and magical, girl time… and cuddling on a rainy day.

Certified Body Worker through Indiana College of Bodywork Modalities

Certified Sacred Female Yoga Teacher under Dévashi Shakti

Certified Doula by DONA

Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Miami International University  

Certified Teacher of Women’s Natural Healing Arts under Kara Maria Ananda of Maia University

Studied Shamanic Womancraft under Jane Hardwick Collings of The School of Shamanic Womancraft

Initiated into Sacred Plant medicines, Cacao and Rapé, under Mexican Shamans

Certified in Sonar Massage and Vibrational Sound Healing by Nicolas Lespinasse  

and I am here to support you into a deeper communion and connection to your body, mind, and spirit.

Join me for my 10 DAY CHALLENGE – to awaken to more self love, sensuality, pleasure and clarity in your life.
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